This is Iconfirm

Iconfirm is an independent collaboration hub for practical privacy

Iconfirm makes privacy easier and contributes to trustworthy processing of personal data.
We provide a practical and user-friendly solution that puts the individual in the core of GDPR adherence.

Secure platform

Our technology was originally designed for the processing of patient data that is used by about 1300 clinics/hospitals, 30 insurance companies and their patients for efficient collaboration throughout a patient course.

In December 2016, a portion of the source code was carved out to Iconfirm. Since then the software has been tailored to meet the requirements of GDPR. 

We build trust

Dedicated to practical privacy

GDPR demands that organisations must be able to demonstrate compliance. Solving this through ad-hoc reporting and manual processes are inefficient, costly and risky. Iconfirm is focused on creating practical solutions that are easy to incorporate.  

Digitalisation ensures integrity, data quality and governance as part of ordinary work processes. Finance and accounting are often seamlessly integrated into the business processes for efficient reporting to management, auditors and authorities. Privacy and security should be embedded in a similar way. 

Accountability in processes and transparency builds trust and confidence.

Building trust


Christian Butenschøn


Since graduating in 1992, Christian has had a broad career in finance and general management including international top management assignments in companies like ABB and ResMed covering a variety of industries such as heavy industry and manufacturing, retail, real estate, tourism and medical equipment.

From 2013, he has been a founder and investor, first in building a leading health platform in Sweden and then full time with Iconfirm.

Nicolai Berg


Nicolai has already managed to become an experienced full-stack developer with deep expertise in .Net / Azure / Javascript / JQuery and SQL. He assumes responsibility with great capacity and ability to solve challenging tasks.

In addition to Iconfirm, he is an esteemed member of the development team for Boka Doktorn AB, with a special focus on the needs in the Norwegian and Danish markets.

Torjus Sølverud

Legal intern


Torjus is studying a master's in law at the University of Bergen. He is particularly interested in technological developments, and what consequences this has for the use and processing of personal data.

In addition to his studies, Torjus has experience from working in a law firm as well as volunteering in a variety of organisations

Andreas Nilsson

Advisor - development

Andreas is an experienced and solution-oriented developer who is particularly concerned with good design for good user experiences. Andreas was a key person in the development of Boka Doktorn and knows the basic structure of the Iconfirm solution well and can therefore give good advice as a sparring partner in development and design.

Eilert Midttun Rostrup

Legal intern
Eilert is studying a master's degree in law at the University of Bergen. He is particularly interested in the intersection between law and technology, and has been a board member of the technology group Innorett at the Norwegian Bar Association.

Mads Murvold

Technical intern

Mads is studying a master's in programming and system architecture at the University of Oslo. He has always had a passion for the endless possibilities of technology. This passion has not only shaped his personal interests, but also his choice of study and career.

In parallel with his studies, he has experience from start-ups and technology development and takes technical challenges head on.

Helge Olaussen

Marketer, Business consultant

Helge has over 20 years of experience as a leader in various communication agencies within advertising, web development, digital marketing and market analysis.

Helge has worked with business development and strategic communication in a number of industries such as ICT, professional services, construction, manufacturing, retail and media.

Why Iconfirm

Step by step approach

Many are still struggling to operationalize their privacy work. The Iconfirm solution makes it easy to get started without substantial investments or administrative burden.

We have used our experience to make practical privacy easier for our customers, covering both technical and organisational measures.

The solution gives organisations the opportunity to have a step-by-step approach that is adapted to the level of ambition and precision they want. This is the strength of the tool, it can be easily customised to your business needs, and as extensive as you require.



Iconfirm is a Norwegian company, that prides itself on developing advanced,  robust and and easy to use technology.

To build an ecosystem for effective collaboration requires that we maintain an independence in the market. Our integrity is core to our goal of becoming the leading trusted partner for privacy.

Core business

While you focus on the efficiency of your own business operations, our core business is to find practical solutions to ensure real privacy that can be effectively incorporated into your ongoing work processes.

You are not alone

Iconfirm has a wide network of privacy enthusiasts across different industries for sparring and discussion. These are leading lawyers, technologists and individuals with a passion for privacy in practice.

Iconfirm has been at the leading edge with an innovative solution and continues to adopt the technology as the market matures in close cooperation with customers and sparring partners. Our goal is to continuously define the standard for the next generation of privacy solutions.


Some of our partners

Innovasjon Norge

Our history


Boka Doktorn Group AB
Design and development of an advanced health collaboration platform between Insurance companies and private hospitals/clinics.

December 2016

Copy of relevant source code for secure platform and consents transferred to Iconfirm.

Recruitment of new team

Spring 2017

Initial version of the tool released to production 25 May 2017.

Microsoft partnership.

Autumn 2017

Initial launch
First version of the privacy portal for transparency, consents and subject rights resolution.

Partner agreements

Spring 2018

First customers
Sandefjord Municipality as first paying customer.

‘Integration hub’ to embedd privacy into excisting work processes.

Autumn 2018

Market strategy
Opens for direct sales to SMEs.

Winner of Angel Challenge.

Spring 2019

Practical privacy
Introduction of templates, example texts and adapters for easier configuration and operations.

Autumn 2019

Modernising and automation
New privacy portal and more detailed vendor management solution/systems overview.

Spring 2020

Internal collaboration
Expansion of user roles and rights for line management involvement. Desentral maintainance with a central overview. 

Gartner Group recognition.

Autumn 2020

External Collaboration
Ensure efficiency and precision in collaboration. Own subscription for data processor. Autogeneration of data processing agreements.

PwC Germany scale program.

Christian Butenschøn

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